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The console supports the integration of external receivers and transceivers with SDR radios. There are two ways in which an external radio works with a SDR radio:
SDR radio connected to the IF output, radio has either an own antenna or shares an antenna with the external radio.
The external radio is controlled using a serial port protocol, so you will need:
A serial port on your computer, and serial cable.
Note: the serial port connector on the RFspace radios is currently
not supported.
Autostart the connection when the console is started,
Radio definitions are user-definable, saved in XML,
VFO and mode tracking,
Mute SDR receiver when external radio in TX mode,
Custom mute levels in TX mode,
IF center frequency calibration for each mode,
Uses auto-information mode when supported by the external radio - the radio sends messages when the frequency or mode is changed.

On this page you can control and listen to the Multi User WebSDR receiver (PMSDR designed by Martin IW3AUT located in Markt Allhau, South East Austria, Locator: JN87BH, Operated by Sysop Christian OE3DUS, e-mail oe3dus (AT) and Stationowner Rai OE4RLC, e-mail oe4rlc (AT)

Note that the setup is rather experimental, and neither continuous service nor good performance are guaranteed. Comments into the chat-box are welcome;

More information about the WebSDR project can be found on

Note: you need both Java and JavaScript enabled for this page to work properly. If you don't hear anything, probably Java is disabled or its version is too old (i.e., pre-1.4.2).
Link: (niet altijd beschikbaar)

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