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I have spent three turns 

In the Castle of Arianrhod...
 Hanes Taliesin

The Goddess Arianrhod, is one of the faces of the Mother Goddess looked to in Avalon.  She was Mother to Llew (God of the Son) and Dylan (God of the Sea).  Her Name literally means "Silver Wheel", and Her home, Caer Arianrhod, is none other than the Milky Way.  
She too is portrayed in Math, Son of Mathonwy, and again we must look beyond the surface of Her tale. She is called to the court of Math by Her brother Gwydion, and is asked to serve as Math's Footholder.  To perform this task, She must prove Her virginity, for it is Math's geas that his feet be kept from touching the ground by the lap of a maiden.  She is asked to step over the wand of Gwydion to verify Her assertion that She is indeed a virgin. She steps over it, and while doing so, gives birth to Her two sons. Dylan crawls away and slips into the Sea, while the other child is snatched up by Gwydion.  The angry Arianrhod swears that the child in Her brother's arms will never have a name, never bear a sword, and never marry a woman of the Earth - for all of these things can only be granted by the child's Mother.  Over time, through lies and deception, Gwydion tricks Arianrhod into naming and arming Her son, but only through the creation of Blodeuwedd could the young Llew have a wife.
Arianrhod is the embodiment of the Mother who is Ever-Virgin ... She Who Bears Fruit, yet is Beholden to No Man.  From Her astral Throne, She lays our tasks before us as the Wheel of our lives spin on....

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